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BRIDGESTONE BT-R10 120/70 & 180/55 Motorcycle Race Tires- NEW for

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People ask us all the time "Which tire should I use? There's usually not one "right" answer, it depends on all of the variables involved such as the intended use, the pace and preferences of the rider, the budget, etc. We have provided a general guideline for recommendations below, but these are not set in stone, they're simply our general guidelines for a starting point in tire recommendations. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your personal riding needs to receive a more precise recommendation, we'd love to help you find the right tire! Other than proper suspension setup, there's no more important aspect to going fast and being safe on the track than having a good set of tires!

TrackAddix Tire Recommendations -
Purchase tires in the TrackAddix Online Store: HERE

BT-016 Hypersport TireTire Warmers: Not Required
Application: Street or Track

BT-003RS Sport Tire

Tire Warmers: Not Required
Application: Street or Track

BT-003RS Brochure


Tire Warmers: Recommended
Application: Track Only

R10 BrochureBridgestone Slicks

Tire Warmers: Required
Application: Track Only

Bridgestone Rain Tires

Tire Warmers: Recommended
Application: Track Only

Bridgestone Race Tire Recommended Pressures

Note: These are our recommendations, they are not set in stone and not guaranteed to work for you. Use these recommendations at your own responsibility, and if you have a local Bridgestone track support person available always take their recommendations over these generic guidelines.
(Baseline is 80 Degree Day Adjust For Temp & Track Conditions)NOTE: Cold pressures are provided for baseline starting point only, always check temps off the warmers before first session and then hot off the track and adjust during the day if necessary to the correct hot off the track pressure. If not running warmers, then set cold and check hot off the track and adjust to the correct hot off the track pressure. Hot off the track temps should be measured as quickly as possible after coming off the track. Установка топливораздаточной коробки монтаж распаечной коробки.
Bridgestone Bridgestone BATTLAX BT-016 Pro Hypersport/Track Rear Motorcycle Tire 180/55-17
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Bridgestone)
  • New multi-compound technology derived from MotoGP delivers the grip performance demanded in every aspect - braking, maximum side grip in cornering, and strong traction...
  • Rear tire features a new triple compound (5LC) The center compound offers good stability, the shoulder compound transfers power to the road with strong traction...
  • The rear tires L shaped grooves enhance shock absorption and rear-end steering. Groove location not across tread center area provides both wet performance and strong...
  • The steel MS-BELT (mono-spiral belt) construction applied to front and rear tires absorbs sudden impact from bumps and offers high stability and tremendous line-holding...
  • HTSPC- ( High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord - Mono Spiral Belt ) technology in front and rear tire provides rich contact feel, strong grip and high-speed stability...
2009-04-08 14:10:54 by gmn17

Speaking of which, why am so poor, damnit!,

Honda 919, CB900F, Hornet 900 - $6859 (Santa Clarita)
Showroom condition exotic naked/standard/streetfighter, 2002 Honda 919, Asphalt Grey. 6k miles. Registration paid for until 4/2010.
Serious inquiries only. $$$$$ invested. $6850 firm. ---Selling to start another motorcycle project.
- 2004 RC51 SP2 Front Forks
- Custom Triple Clamps (CNC'd top & modified 929RR lower) from Full Throttle Inc.
- 2007 CBR600RR Carbon Fiber Front Fender, slightly reshaped/modified
- Pro Taper Contour oversized handlebars, Ricky Carmichael bend
- Renthal Hard Road Race Grips
- CBR954RR Front and Rear Calipers with Gold Fren front pads and Galfer rear...

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