Bridgestone motorcycles Tires GL1800

Dark Wing--Darkside Gold Wing (car tire on a Gold Wing)

Bridgestone has been making tires since the 1930's when it was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi, whose last name when translated into English means "Stone Bridge." With their factory located in Japan, Bridgestone has formed alliance with the metric motorcycle manufacturers and has developed many bike-specific tires, such as the Exedra tire made for the Honda Gold Wing GL1800. Bridgestone has an extensive family of tires with premium offerings for Metric Cruisers, Adventure bikes, Sport Touring and Hypersport. All Bridgestone tires are made in one factory in Japan, where Quality Control is of the utmost importance. This also assures great consistency when replacing tires versus a manufacturer with production facilities all over the world. As the current supplier of tires for the MotoGP, we know that Bridgestone must be doing something right.

2007-06-08 22:47:51 by mca8690


This may sound odd, as i have not actually ordered from this site myself and cannot rate their service, but as far as prices go, DAMN! for sportbike tires, esp. Pilot Powers and the like, they ship both tires to your door for less than my local shops just sell the rubbers for!!
The american motorcycle tire store looks like they have similar prices, but i'd guarantee that their shipping is more...
For my bike, for front and rear pilot powers, it's like $220.99 shipped to my door. I just talked to a guy at a local dealership yesterday w a new pilot power, JUST THE REAR, and he was smiling b/c he "only" paid $140 for it

Bridgestone Bridgestone Excedra G704R Cruiser Rear Motorcycle Tire 180/60-16
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Bridgestone)
  • Radial touring rear tire designed for the Honda Goldwing 1800.
  • Uni-directional pattern for reliable performance on dry and wet surfaces
  • Specifically constructed for today s American style Touring bikes.
  • Original Equipment on Honda GL1800 Goldwing

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