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Burwin Motorcycles offers a full motorcycle service and parts facility at our workshop in North London. Our team of trained and experienced mechanics will service and repair most models of motorcycle and scooter. All work is completed on a fixed hourly rate.

Our fully equipped and busy workshop carries a vast range of stock both genuine and aftermarket. For items not in stock we can generally have it delivered to ourselves within 24 hours using our online ordering systems directly linked to the manufacturers.

We offer a full fitting option for motorcycle accessories and parts.

" After reading the 1st post about these guys I decided to take a 20mile drive to go see them and they met every single expectation and more. Fast, professional, good value for money, They also give you free advice... I would easily recommend to anyone to go to this shop they are definitely not in any way like most of the motorcylce shops or mechanics you come across, again value for money, fast, friendly and honest. " By Jay

2008-09-04 23:48:15 by moesblues

Do ...

A google search for motorcycle tires and you'll get a gaggle of sites that will do mail order for cheap and help you figure out what tires are good for your bike. I'd do that before running straight to the dealer. As far as balancing goes, yes they do, but you need to ask yourself the question whether or not it's really worth it. If you plan on running hardcore track days on a performance machine, yeah, I'd say it's worth it. Since your on a cruiser and, I'm assuming here, you probably won't be "pushing the envelope" I wouldn't worry too much about balancing. I'd be much more interested in whether or not my rims were true

JND 250 PSI 12V Mini Air Compressor 12 Volt Emergency Car and Truck Tire Pump (with adapters to inflate balls, rafts, etc)
Automotive Parts and Accessories (JND)
  • 250 PSI Mini Air Compressor for Cars, Trucks and Inflatables
  • 10 Foot Nylon Pressure Hose with Locking Head
  • Adapters Included for Inflatables Such as Rafts, Basket Balls, Etc.
  • Excellent for Roadside Emergencies
  • 3 Nozzle Adapters for Inflating Tires, Sports and Camping Equipment

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    We have a 2001 Yamaha Silverado and need to order tires. Does anyone know where we can get a great price? Local is too high! If I were outside the USA, I would have posted in that country.

    • I get my tires online from American motorcycle by far the cheapest place I have found for new tires ,I just picked up a set there about a month ago both tires cost me $235.00 dollars and a I had a local shop install them on the on my rims for $50.00 dollars ,its a lot cheaper if you take the tires and rims off then to have a shop do it ,you can get a motorcycle lift at Pepboys for $70.00 dollars

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    I am in college and really want a motorcycle. I dont have that a lot of money and am just looking for prices on cheap, realiable motorcycle. Anybody know where i can find one?

    • My last two bikes came from ebay and I couldn t be happier. My first purchase was a really good deal, and my second was KILLER! I couldn t believe that the bidding was so low, so I sent in a low-ball offer. I couldn t believe it when I won. It was exactly as advertised and the seller even had a set of new tires mounted for me. Craig s List is another great option. Good luck.