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Riding the Wet track at the Contidom Riding the Wet track at the Contidom


Continental Attack 2 Sport tire

Continental introduces some new tires on a strangely disorienting road track

On 17 May 1943, a squadron of Avro Lancasters slipped into the night fog over the Edersee reservoir and let loose with a half dozen Barnes Wallis bouncing bombs. In what might have been the most technologically adventurous air attack in the European Theatre, the dam busters skipped their bombs across the water and into the face of the 400-metre wide Edersee dam, blowing a hole in it that sent a torrent into the valley below and turned off the lights for that part of Germany.

The lights were on again as I sat on the terrace at the Waldeck castle and gazed out at the reservoir below, glistening there like blue steel in the late afternoon sun. The repaired Edersee dam was only a few kilometres away. A pretty waitress delivered to me a long-stemmed glass filled properly with good German wine, maybe even the Merlot I had asked for. I sipped gratefully and thought about those RAF lads in their thundering Lancs, on a night 69 years and one week before, braving streams of firey ack-ack in a war that was anything but won. We had made our own attack that afternoon, not on a dam but on the autobahn, a parade of Americans, Brits, and Canucks on German, British, Italian, Austrian, and

Japanese motorcycles, flashing across the German countryside at speeds that might have almost kept up to those attacking bombers.

The whole adventure, in fact, was an attack. Conti Attack Days 2012, it was called, a splendid little romp for journalists who had come from away to sample the new motorcycle tires by Continental, the smallest premium motorcycle-tire manufacturer and a company that, we had been told, is going to "attack the motorcycle tire market much harder" in days and years to come. Continental had some new tires and some new technology to show us: the Sport Attack 2, the Road Attack 2 CR, and the Attack SM, as well as some others that will only be available in Europe, for racing applications.

We had been driven to the Contidrom earlier by a young Continental employee who seemed to think that everyone else on the autobahn was put there to get in his way. "Stupid driver, " he would mutter, then plunge the accelerator pedal nearly through the floor of the Mercedes van and bound into a sudden gap of 100-mile-an-hour traffic. We were teaching him some foreign expressions. FUBAR, and SNAFU, we started with, and he nodded, more or less understanding. "What means, uh, clusterfuck?" he said. "I think it's when one man and two women ...?"

2008-01-22 11:01:09 by germz

Dirt vs. Street -- Tire & Bike

"Dirt" Tire on the Street:
(1) Accelerated Wear
A less-than 3000 mile life wouldn't be surprising.
(2) Decreased Traction
You're more likely to find the back end "sliding out" when you attempt to brake or turn suddenly.
(3) Increased Vibration
"Knobs" don't roll as smoothly as other tires.
You can find plenty of "knobby" tires that are DOT approved, and street legal, like the Dunlop 606, or Continental TKC80.
But you'd be better served by a tire such as the Metzeler Tourance or Michelin Anakee -- sacrificing some "dirt-worthiness" for increased tire life and street capability

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