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Top Continental Conti Motion Sport Touring Motorcycle Tire – 180 55ZR-17 – Rear – Best Deal !! tire sales feature
  • Size: 180/55ZR-17
  • Rear Tire
  • Continental Conti Motion Sport Touring Tire
  • Listprice : $155.01 Price :$114.66 You Save :$40.35

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    Continental ContiMotion Sport/Touring Motorcycle Tire Rear 190/50-17
    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Continental)
    • Brand new concept radial for the entry level market
    • Safe and reliable feedback on both dry and wet roads
    • Value for money mileage due to new formulated polymers in the compound
    • 0° Steel-belt construction on the rear for excellent stability and ride comfort
    2007-10-29 20:20:33 by supertireguy

    Any New Tire Will Be Good

    All new motorcycle tires from any of the major manufacturers will be good in the wet/dry. Any recommendations of one tire over another is basically just personal preference. In other words all your choices are good choices.
    * Sport Tire Options *
    Avon Viper Sport
    Bridgestone BT014/015
    Continental Sport Attack
    Dunlop Qualifier
    Metzeler M3 Sportec
    Michelin Pilot Power & PP2CT
    Pirelli Diablo & Corsa III
    * Sport-Touring Tire Options *
    Avon Storm ST
    Bridgestone BT021
    Continental Road Attack
    Metzeler Z6 Roadtec
    Michelin Pilot Road & PR2CT
    Pirelli Diablo Strada

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