Dunlop Motorcycle track Tires Dunlop D211s out, Michelin Pilot Road 2 in

The Roadsmart is an advanced sport-touring radial tire with superb wet-weather performance, mileage and sportbike handling.

  • Outstanding wet-weather performance with long-lasting mileage to match.

  • MT Multi-Tread rear tire incorporates a long-wearing compound in the center of the tire tread and a lateral-grip compound on each shoulder to enhance cornering performance and help provide class-leading grip and feel.

  • Micro-sized carbon particles enhance dry grip under acceleration, and wet grip is enhanced with a special silica additive.

  • Cosecant-curve tread design with deep and long grooves helps evacuate water in both straight-line and cornering conditions.

  • Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Rear Tire - 120/90-18/--
    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dunlop)
    • Dunlop designed the D606 tire to be street-legal with an emphasis on aggressive off-road riding
    • A full-depth tread pattern designed for rigorous off-road use yields excellent traction on everything from hard-packed fire roads to soft single-track trails
    • At the same time, the D606s tread compound is engineered for good highway durability and grip
    • Available in 17-inch and 18-inch rear sizes to fit almost all off-road-capable dual-sport bikes
    • Matching D606 front tire available
    2010-06-25 13:00:44 by 9314360

    Just a little advise about tire balancing.......

    It has come to our attention, that some "motorcycle shops", have reverted back to the procedure, known as "static" wheel balancing.
    A system that does not take into account "notched" bearings, or even worn bearing
    There defense for using this system is :
    That's how mitchelin, Dunlop, and others do it at the "race track", implying that if it is good enough for "Joe racer", it should be good enough for you.
    Well, no.
    As with other things "racing" ie: clutches, brakes, tires, spark plugs, ignition timing, air filters, oil, undersized drive chains, and sprockets, carbon fiber wheels, and exhaust, and many, many other things, that are OK at the track, BUT have NO PLACE in the real world, of street riding, commuting, and touring

    2005-08-10 07:22:13 by 911Driver

    I get in the 3k-8k range on an F3

    Mostly depends on how I'm riding. 3K is certainly not unreasonable for someone that spends their whacking the throttle or doing a lot of track days.
    One of the negative parts of motorcycle reality is that what you save on gas (vs a car) is almost eaten up by what you spend on tires.
    It's hard to get a set of sportbike tires for less than $250, with a $300-$350 figure being more likely.
    Cycle Gear used to (and may still) give you 10% off tires and "chemicals" if you had one of their Visa cards and used it for purchases.
    Here's one thing. Sportbike tires are fairly soft - that why they stick as well as they do

    2006-07-01 11:15:41 by HGPS

    Doug Chandler and Wayne Rainey to Appear

    Come to High Gear Powersports in downtown Gilroy for their Grand Opening and Product Showcase on Tuesday July 18, from 3 to 8pm.The Showcase will include: Moto-GP Leathers, Arai Helmets, Shoei Helmets, SHIFT Street, ICON, Alpinestars, Leo Vince, Dunlop Tires, Suomy Helmets, Motion-Pro Tools, Repsol Lubricants, KBC Helmets, and more! Representing the products on display will be parts distributors such as; Tucker Rocky, Western Powersports, Bennett Distributing, Parts Unlimited, Shift Racing, Motorcycle Stuff, and Helmet House. There will also be hundreds of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki motorcycles, ATV’s, and personal watercraft on display

    2012-01-08 10:00:51 by electrickytech

    Like Author says, I had mine bubble up in three

    Places. I was riding at night and running 70 or so on the interstate for 100 miles and really didn't notice anything.
    The next day I took it to go get parts and felt it, the knots were pretty nasty looking and the tire was about 1/3rd used up. I go through about 2 1/2 sets of tires a year, so they don't have time to get "stale" unless they arrive that way.
    I liked um pretty well up to that point, they'd lay over nice on the road and seemed to inspire confidence. They were more dirt oriented then the Dunlops I'd been running and made more noise. I'll probably stick with my Lops, all in all they've served me well and I've grown confident they'll hold togeather till the cords show

    Bridgestone BATTLAX BT-003 Racing Street Rear Motorcycle Tire 190/55-17
    Automotive Parts and Accessories (Bridgestone)
    • Designed for Sport Riding enjoyment with confident grip on streets and dry condition circuits
    • Specially street-tuned tire developed from our latest racing BT-003 which has achieved many victories in production-class races (600cc-1cc)
    • BT-003RS is the successor to BT-002RS and BT-090 and covers various engine sizes and models (from middle sport class to super sport class)
    • the 3LC (Dual Compound) and 5LC (Triple Compound) provide regular wear and the optimized pattern design provides longer wear life than ex-models: BT-002RS / BT-090
    • Compares to: Dunlop Q2, Michelin Pilot Power 2CT, Pirelli Diablo Corsa , Metzeler Sportec M3

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