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FS: New Dunlop Q2 Tire Sets, Front & Rear - 190/50 $249.99 - 180

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Motorcycle tires are manufactured by many of the same companies that make tires for automobiles. Chances are the motorcycle tire you are replacing says Dunlop, Bridgestone, or some other major tire manufacturer. Motorcycle tires are made to different tolerances, however, and you should take some care as to the tires you put on your bike.Your tires are the only part of your bike that remain in contact with the road, and their failure can result in serious accidents and possibly serious injuries. If you buy anything other than brand-new tires, you need to ensure that there is plenty of tread left in them and that there are no weak spots on the walls of the tires. Retreads should only be purchased from a source you trust.When shopping around for motorcycle tires, you need to look for tires that are made for your intended use. If you will be doing mostly street riding, standard sport tires are your best bet. These tires provide a combination of grip and durability. Racing tires can wear out quickly and corrode with repeated use. Knobby dirt-bike tires will give you very little traction on paved roads.It should go without saying, but it is absolutely critical that you make certain you are buying the right size tire. Some bikes can only fit tires of a particular size, and if you don't perform the proper legwork before purchase, you could be left with an extra, useless tire. Depending on where you buy it, you may not be able to exchange it for the right size, especially if you are buying used tires, which makes it all the more critical that you know what tires will work with your bike.

2010-06-25 13:00:44 by 9314360

Just a little advise about tire balancing.......

It has come to our attention, that some "motorcycle shops", have reverted back to the procedure, known as "static" wheel balancing.
A system that does not take into account "notched" bearings, or even worn bearing
There defense for using this system is :
That's how mitchelin, Dunlop, and others do it at the "race track", implying that if it is good enough for "Joe racer", it should be good enough for you.
Well, no.
As with other things "racing" ie: clutches, brakes, tires, spark plugs, ignition timing, air filters, oil, undersized drive chains, and sprockets, carbon fiber wheels, and exhaust, and many, many other things, that are OK at the track, BUT have NO PLACE in the real world, of street riding, commuting, and touring

2005-08-10 07:22:13 by 911Driver

I get in the 3k-8k range on an F3

Mostly depends on how I'm riding. 3K is certainly not unreasonable for someone that spends their whacking the throttle or doing a lot of track days.
One of the negative parts of motorcycle reality is that what you save on gas (vs a car) is almost eaten up by what you spend on tires.
It's hard to get a set of sportbike tires for less than $250, with a $300-$350 figure being more likely.
Cycle Gear used to (and may still) give you 10% off tires and "chemicals" if you had one of their Visa cards and used it for purchases.
Here's one thing. Sportbike tires are fairly soft - that why they stick as well as they do

2006-07-01 11:15:41 by HGPS

Doug Chandler and Wayne Rainey to Appear

Come to High Gear Powersports in downtown Gilroy for their Grand Opening and Product Showcase on Tuesday July 18, from 3 to 8pm.The Showcase will include: Moto-GP Leathers, Arai Helmets, Shoei Helmets, SHIFT Street, ICON, Alpinestars, Leo Vince, Dunlop Tires, Suomy Helmets, Motion-Pro Tools, Repsol Lubricants, KBC Helmets, and more! Representing the products on display will be parts distributors such as; Tucker Rocky, Western Powersports, Bennett Distributing, Parts Unlimited, Shift Racing, Motorcycle Stuff, and Helmet House. There will also be hundreds of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki motorcycles, ATV’s, and personal watercraft on display

2012-01-08 10:00:51 by electrickytech

Like Author says, I had mine bubble up in three

Places. I was riding at night and running 70 or so on the interstate for 100 miles and really didn't notice anything.
The next day I took it to go get parts and felt it, the knots were pretty nasty looking and the tire was about 1/3rd used up. I go through about 2 1/2 sets of tires a year, so they don't have time to get "stale" unless they arrive that way.
I liked um pretty well up to that point, they'd lay over nice on the road and seemed to inspire confidence. They were more dirt oriented then the Dunlops I'd been running and made more noise. I'll probably stick with my Lops, all in all they've served me well and I've grown confident they'll hold togeather till the cords show

Dunlop Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Performance Radial Tire - Rear - 160/60ZR17, Position: Rear, Tire Size: 160/60-17, Tire Construction: Radial, Tire Type: Street, Rim Size: 17, Speed Rating: W, Load Rating: 69, Tire Application: Race 31SM51
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dunlop)
  • NOTE - SAFETY WARNING: For information on tire care, safety, maintenance, mounting, manufacturers warranty and other information consult tire manufacturers publication(s)...
  • Intuitive Response Profile (IRP) technology in rear tire allows rider great latitude in line choice while cornering and provides amazingly linear steering at all...
  • Radical profile puts down a bigger footprint at extreme lean angles, higher corner speeds with substantially better grip and handling
  • Rear tire features advance multitread technology that combines benefits of a tough, long-wearing center compound for increased mileage with a special lateral-grip...
  • Jointless band construction utilizes a continuously-wound aramid belt for reduced carcass distortion
Dunlop Dunlop Elite 3 Radial Touring Tire - Rear - 250/40VR-18, Tire Type: Street, Tire Construction: Radial, Position: Rear, Rim Size: 18, Tire Size: 250/40-18, Speed Rating: V, Load Rating: 81, Tire Application: Touring 408099
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dunlop)
  • NOTE - SAFETY WARNING: For information on tire care, safety, maintenance, mounting, manufacturers warranty and other information consult tire manufacturers publication(s)...
  • Superior wear resistance for increased mileage plus great traction
  • Tread pattern provides excellent wet-pavement performance and is not affected by rain grooves or steel bridge decks
  • For custom applications.
  • Radial construction.
Dunlop Dunlop Elite 3 Touring Front Tire - 130/70HB-18/--
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dunlop)
  • Substantially improved wear resistance traction and wet weather performance
  • New profile modeled after the shape of modern radial construction tires
  • Better response and a solid feel through turns for confident cornering
  • The high-mileage E3 tires suit a wide range of large-displacement touring motorcycles as well as a majority of the most popular cruiser bikes available
  • H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph

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