Motorcycle tires for Alaska

Motorcycling the North

Spectacular scenery,economy and unique viewpoints make motorcyclingthe Alaska Highway a popular way to visit the Alaska and northwesternCanada. Following are some tips for anyone planning a motorcycle trip toAlaska.

While it's the adventure of a lifetime,riding throughvast tracts of wilderness in all kinds of weather can be demanding, requiring both physical and mental preparation. Almost every make ofmotorcycle—Honda,Harley,BMW,Yamaha,Buell—in every shape andsize—bike,trike,sidecar—has made the trip to Alaska. Motorcycle choiceis more a function of rider preference than a trip requirement. Butwhile lighter bikes are more suitable for gravel roads,larger bikes aredefinitely more comfortable for long highway trips. Power cruisers suchas the Harley Davidson and touring bikes like the Honda Goldwing arepopular choices: Their weight,power and plush suspension make long, high-mile days more comfortable.

The larger bikes are also able to carry largerloads,an important consideration for riders hauling enough stuff to setup camp. Trailers are popular accessories for some Alaska-bound bikers, although we met a very frustrated motorcyclist on the Alaska Highwaysouth of Beaver Creek one summer who had trouble negotiating thefrost-heaved sections of highway with his too heavy trailer. He had alsoexperienced an expensive breakdown and tow on his trip,as well as alot of wet weather.

Weather and road conditions can make or breaka trip for some people,although battling the elements and survivingthe road is the best part of a motorcycle trip for others.Motorcycling the North 3Harley riderDoug Eaton included a trip up the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle onhis tour with friends,and experienced wash-boarded wet gravel andimpatient 18-wheelers. “My rear sprocket was jarred apart and I cut offthe dangling piece with the hacksaw blade on my Victorinox multi-tool.When I got home,I replaced the crystallized and broken front axel boltsand a few others that were just plain missing.” Despite the bikedamage,bumpy road and rain,the picture of their mud-caked bikes andmud-covered selves at the Arctic Circle sign is “my favorite of thewhole trip.”

Another road condition that motorcyclists shouldwatch for are the metal-grated decks and wood-deck bridges along theAlaska Highway and connecting routes. Both can be slippery when wet andthe metal grates have longitudinal grooves that tend to cause a gentlesway as you ride. Go with the sway rather than fighting it.

Howlong a riding day you have depends on road conditions,the weather,yourstamina and your schedule. One motorcyclist on a 2-week trip fromSeattle to Anchorage had a 550-mile day,although 400 miles was hisaverage. On bad weather days,or days riding through road constructionor damaged road,that average dipped. One advantage in Northern climesin summer: Long hours of daylight. (Fairbanks has 21 hours and 49minutes of daylight on June 21,summer solstice.)

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2009-08-28 19:25:53 by experience_counts2

They're your neighbors, you.. something about it.
The Federal Government does not set your property taxes, that's your local community, your fellow Alaskans. Complain to Palin. Oh wait that's right, she's a quitter. Never mind.
I think it's simply greed, and my brief experience in Alaska seemed to show there's an endless supply of it up there.
You're fucking each other over up there so complain to your neighbors and your county officials and your state senators. Nobody in the lower 48 has ever taxed you for anything. That's how the constitution and states rights work you know

2008-02-08 07:56:30 by experience_counts2

I thought...

...the "I want all the benefits with none of the taxes" obsession was limited to the fundies/militias.
Learn something new every day.
Still puzzles me how someone could be rational enough to avoid the religion trap yet not enough so to rationally analyze the reality of living in a society.
Who wants to bet that his social security checks aren't rejected as "socialist evils"?
When I rode to Alaska this summer that's one of the things that was most notable about the place. Quite a few truly unpleasant people there

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