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Motorcycle Tires Product Guide - Motorcycle USA

Motorcycle Tires connect you and your motorcycle to the road. Or the dirt. Whatever you happen to be driving on, though, will be greatly affected based on what type of tires you have slipped on your bike. Motorcycle tires affect the handling and safety factors of any motorcycle on any road condition, and it is both unsafe and illegal to ride on worn-down, bald tires. You can fix this easily, though, by buying a pair of high-quality tires at the best prices possible.

Tires for your motorcycle are going to be classified according to what type of bike you ride, what type of terrain you'll be riding on and/or what type of conditions that terrain will be affected by (i.e. dirt, mud, snow, etc). If you're riding a sport-touring or a dual-sport motorcycle, for example, you might want to have two different sets of tires for the different types or riding you plan on doing.

Additionally, the size of a motorcycle tire will vary based on a few different variables, such as width, aspect ration, diameter load capacity (e.g. wet weight) and speed handling ability. Typically a street bike will work better with larger diameter, smoother tires, for example; while a dirt bike or motocross bike will do better with thinner, knottier tires for gaining traction in rough conditions.

You don't have to let all of these variables scare you, though. With our Tire Finder you can easily pick out what type of bike you have, what rim size you want and then search by brand to help give you some ideas of what tires will work best with your bike and your preferred riding style.

Safety should always be a motorcycle rider's first concern, and a set of new tires every few thousand miles (as recommended by your dealer and/or owner's manual) is the first line of defense in protecting you and your passenger from harm. Two good tires, inflated to the proper psi, can also increase gas mileage and performance while riding long distances. So, since tires not only help keep you safe but help keep money in your pocket, why would you choose anything less than the best possible aftermarket tires for your motorcycle?

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